What is CPR?

Physician groups are seeking to limit the scope of practice of non-physician health care providers. These scope of practice limitations can have serious impacts on our health care system including:

  • Patients may have reduced access to the health care providers of their choice
  • Costs may increase if non-physician health care providers are not permitted to deliver care in their specialties
  • Innovation may be stifled if specialists are limited in their practice
  • Access to care may be limited if non-physician providers are not utilized to the extent of their training and licensure

What's at Stake?


As a coalition of health care providers, CPR is working to ensure that everyone has access to the health care professionals of their choice; however, the coalition does not provide advice to individuals about personal health care matters.

Scope of practice battles

threaten patient access to

safe, high-quality and cost-

effective health care.

Our Mission


The demands on our health care system are simply too great for physicians groups to continue fighting the same old “turf wars” over authority to practice. All health care providers must work together to the full extent of their education and training to meet the nation's growing needs and ensure best outcomes for all patients.

CPR's mission is to meet the nation's growing and increasingly diverse health care needs by ensuring patients have direct access to the full scope of services offered by their chosen health care providers.

The Coalition for Patients’ Rights™ (CPR) consists of more than 30 organizations representing a variety of non-M.D. / non-D.O. licensed health care professionals who provide safe, effective, and affordable health care services to millions of patients each year.

CPR works to protect patients' rights by educating lawmakers and the community about health care provider issues. Here is a sample of CPR's issue engagement.