Coalition for Patients' Rights Consumer Toolkit

The Coalition for Patients’ Rights™ (CPR) is committed to ensuring a full range of health care choices for all patients. As such, we have developed a set of materials, called the Consumer Toolkit, that will serve as an informative and critical tool for you as you look for the most appropriate health care provider for your individual needs. This Toolkit will also equip you with the materials you need to help protect and promote access to a broad spectrum of health care professionals.


  • Essential Health Benefits and Who Provides Them
    Under the Affordable Care Act, new insurance plans must offer a comprehensive package of services and items called Essential Health Benefits. Did you know that there is a wide range of healthcare professionals who can provide many of these services. Get to know them in our latest infographic.

    For more information about these healthcare providers, the types of services they offer and questions to ask when you’re interviewing a new care provider, check out our Consumer Toolkit.

  • Fact Sheet: State Health Insurance Exchanges [11/12/12]
    What are the exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act and how will they affect your health care?

  • Citizens Advocacy Center newsletter, News & Views
    This newsletter features legal and regulatory news affecting practice rights, or “scope of practice,” of various health professions. In this issue (1st Quarter 2011), a letter from the Coalition for Patients’ Rights highlights its “Consumer Toolkit” to help patients find the health care provider who is right for them and protect access to a broad range of health care professionals (page 33-34).

  • CPR Consumer Toolkit (complete) [PDF]
    This document contains all the toolkit materials listed below.

  • CPR Tips for Finding Health Care Providers [PDF]
    Every patient should have the right to access the health care providers of their choice. However, it can be confusing and overwhelming for consumers who might not have the information they need to find quality care and the provider that will fit their individual needs. This document is designed to assist in the important selection process.

  • CPR Questions for New Health Care Providers [PDF]
    This document contains a list of questions that consumers should consider when searching for a new health care provider. They are designed to aid in the selection process that will ensure patients receive the care that best suits their specific needs.

  • CPR Template Letter to Your Insurance Company [PDF]
    This tool helps consumers address financial barriers that prevent them from accessing the health care professionals of their choice. Insurance companies may cover the services of one provider but fail to do so for another, despite advantages for the consumer’s health.

  • CPR Template Letter to State Legislators and Policymakers [PDF]
    A letter to a legislative representative or a policymaker is a valuable tool that provides consumers with a way to contact lawmakers and share their concerns. This state-focused template can be customized for consumers to personalize their message, and also includes a general statement aimed at influencing legislation and highlighting priorities.

  • CPR Meet Your Health Care Professional [PDF]
    Everyone knows what a physician does, but do they know what the health care providers who comprise the Coalition’s membership do? This reference sheet lists all member organizations and explains the type of care that each of these providers offers. Each organization’s Web site is also included for further information.