In the News

See the reports below for media coverage of the Coalition for Patients’ Rights and its issues of concern.

This Nurses Station podcast features CPR spokeswoman Maureen Shekleton discussing how scope of practice battles can prevent patients from accessing the treatments they need. Listen to the interview.

CPR spokespeople Lisa Summers and Janet Bezner discussed protecting patient access to the full range of health care providers during an RN.FM Radio interview.  Listen to the interview with hosts Kevin Ross and Keith Carlson.

CPR contributed to this journal article (April 2012) [PDF] describing how collaboration among an array of health care providers can lead to easier access to care and better outcomes for patients who have complex conditions like diabetes. Reprinted here with permission from Health and Interprofessional Practice.

CPR is referenced as an organization “seeking to counter efforts by physician groups designed to limit patients' choice of health practitioners” in an article in the British journal The Lancet describing efforts of nurse practitioners to work to their full scope of practice, independent of physician supervision (Volume 377, Issue 9766, Pages 625 - 626, February 19, 2011).

CPR is quoted in a Fox News report (February 19, 2009) on physicians requiring patients to sign a waiver saying they won’t post comments or reviews on their physician online.,2933,497066,00.html

Psych CentralDr. Katherine Nordal, Executive Director for Professional Practice at the American Psychological Association (APA), is interviewed by Psych Central, an independent mental health social network, on the Coalition for Patients’ Rights.